“Since its foundation more than thirty years ago, Amer Group has been guided by a unique vision to create a brand that is a benchmark for others, not only in Egypt but also in the MENA region.”


Mansour Amer
Founder of Amer Group

Mansour Amer

Much has taken place during the 30-year history of Amer Group. 30 years of experience has provided the expertise that comes with the planning, development and operation of more than 9.7 million square meters of property. For decades, Amer Group’s master plan has been a remarkable example of how long-range vision can bring balance, opportunity and happiness to families across Egypt and the Middle East. It’s part of a legacy that continues to guide the company to this day.
I believe the success of our company is due to the fact that we take care of our owners. I consider them as Amer Group’s most important assets because when we do our job correctly, they are our best salespeople. Our mission, to create value for people, remains the guiding principle of how we work and is the base of that success. In looking at Amer Group today, I see two things. First, I see adherence to the principles of community planning, which include diverse experiences within our communities. The plan for this has been carefully thought out, reflecting a balance of uses and housing types and establishing the highest standards of care for the resorts and the people who lived there. I see a quality of design and architecture and focus on details that are beyond what I could have expected.
Secondly, I see a company that recognizes and honors the importance of creating value for its customers. In the end, while the original master plan was both comprehensive and evolving, we are always looking for new ideas and concepts to implement. These core elements have allowed us to maintain our strong position as a leader in family homes, not only in Egypt but in fact across the MENA region. As we move forward, we thank our community, our partners, and all those who participated in the story, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Let the next 30 years begin.