Porto cruise

Porto Cruise is a luxurious project that is strategically located in New Alamein City. The project is stretched over 100,000 m2 and affords a variety of unit types with pleasurable surroundings that will fit your needs. Nestled among crystal lagoons and lavish greenery this Caribbean inspired architecture defines extravagance living in the new Porto Cruise.

Porto Cruise is expertly designed to offer varies types of buildings; Pioneering to introduce the first cruise ship “Porto Cruise”, the first boat inspired building in the region allowing its residents to enjoy a full cruise experience. The Oval building, units overlooking green fairways and distant shimmering lagoons as viewed from all six unique buildings, the Atlantis building, which is designed to offer each unit the most of its surroundings, spoiled with the sea view, which grant it a feeling of being on an island, last but not least, the Curve building, which offers a relaxed tropical atmosphere allowing its residents to enjoy the exceptional view of Alamein city and a seaside scenery.

You will get to enjoy your house in a unique destination that is perfected by exquisite services in addition to a variety of water activities and a full cruise experience to entertain the whole family. Over and above the Golden Mile Mall, your new mega shopping experience of 1-mile length where you can enjoy shopping, the finest dining spots with different types of cuisines and entertainment. Along with Porto Sports Club, a new sports hub in the North Coast, your one stop to-go place for all your sporting needs offering over 12 different sports and over 14 varied events across the summer season.

Our Amenities

  • paddle-board-400x400-1

    Lazy river ride

  • 8665710_person_skating_icon

    Skating area

  • 2201253

    Multipurpose pool

  • Swimming-Pools

    2 beach pool

  • 4753024_eco_ecological_green_house_leaf_icon

    Green house

  • 2247708_building_hotel_sleep_sleeping_icon


  • 1019601

    Golden mile mall

  • 71482

    Horseback riding

  • 196067

    Porto sporting club

  • 4843043_pool_water_swimming_watersport_icon

    Swimming pool

  • Untitled-19

    International restaurants

  • 3512614_beach_chair_summer_sunny_travel_icon

    Artificial beach pavilion

  • 4047293_boat_canoe_dugout_people_transportation_icon

    Boat ride

  • 8684362_coffee_shop_maps_location_placeholder_icon

    Café shop

  • 2187170

    Paint ball

  • aqua

    Aqua Porto

  • two-crossed-golf-clubs-and-ball-icon-simple-style-vector-10805204-1

    Golf course

  • 2315964_accomodation_hotel_reception_vacation_icon

    Service apartment

  • 2325935

    Kids area

  • 6643367_diet_dumbbells_exercise_fitness_gym_icon

    Fitness area

    Land Area






    Swimming pool


    Indoor parking

    1432 cars

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